Roadmap Digital Humanism: Project “Trend”

Transparency and Trust - yes, but how?

About the project

In the last decade, online platforms evolved as vital means for fostering the relationship between service providers and customers. These platforms and their respective companies collect vast amounts of data, which are not always collected and exploited appropriately and fairly. The tendency is that platforms prefer to acquire as much data as possible to be able to extract more insights and, in this way, adapt their services and attract more customers.

During the various stages of a production process such as design, ordering and production, our cloud manufacturing platform will collect extensive amounts of information. Being still in the prototype development process of the platform, we aim to develop a roadmap within the project “Trend” to create a documented approach on how to integrate digital humanism principles into the core of the platform and its business case.

In this context, the main aim is to ensure that all provided services on the platform as well as processes that involve data collection, computation and utilization will provide sufficient transparency, trust, and fairness. The roadmap will help to assess and prioritize key measures and synchronize them with other technological development processes.

Moreover, the roadmap and its later deployment should serve as a showcase and best practice for the partaking companies of the BEE platform as well as similar platforms. The roadmap will be developed in four major steps involving platform users in the development of the requirements and dissemination of the results.

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