A man assembles a circuit board with electronic components.

bee market

The B2B marketplace for electronics manufacturing

Your cost-effective and powerful additional sales channel.

Using our digital B2B marketplace for electronics manufacturing, electronics developers can use AI and data recognition to quickly find PCB assemblers in the vicinity who have exactly the right machines and skills to implement their assemblies. For you as an electronics contract manufacturer, this means that you only receive inquiries from potential new customers via our marketplace that are relevant to you. In addition, the uploaded data is automatically structured by our software, which saves you an immense amount of time when preparing quotations and coordinating with new customers via our team chat. And – don't worry – there are no public price comparisons on our marketplace, our entire data transfer is completely encrypted and secure and matching with potential new customers is free of charge. Costs are only incurred in the case of successful orders.

The search process at a glance

Here you can see how electronics developers use our marketplace to find suitable local electronics contract manufacturers. Essentially, they simply upload their Gerber files, component lists and other production requirements and our intelligent matching algorithm ensures that suitable PCB assemblers are then suggested to them.

Direct exchange with your potential new customers

You can use our team chat to communicate directly with potential new customers who contact you, discuss any detailed questions and optimization suggestions, view their inquiry data, submit your offer and accept orders. The entire conversation is documented, and every data change made during the exchange is automatically versioned by our software. This helps to keep a clear overview of what was discussed and to ensure that all members of your team and the potential new customer's team (technical, purchasing, etc.) are on the same level of knowledge, thus avoiding costly misunderstandings.

A screenshot of the bee produced collaboration tool, which electronics developers can use to talk to electronics manufacturers about the details of assembling their PCBs.

Here, electronics developers can switch between chats with the manufacturers with whom they are in contact.


In this column, all data entered during the search process can be viewed and adapted, offers can be submitted and orders can be accepted. Every change made during the matching process is automatically versioned by our software.


In the team chat, all participants from your team can communicate directly with all participants from the potential customer's team and share additional files. All data changes are documented in the chat history and everyone is notified by email.

Your advantages briefly

Relevant requests

Our intelligent matching algorithm ensures that you only receive requests that are relevant to you.

Structured data

The uploaded data is processed by our software to simplify further processing by you and your team.

Transparent communication

The team chat with structured data and versioning helps to keep a precise overview of what has been discussed.