bee connect

The collaboration tool for electronics manufacturers

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Simple customer communication and structured data

The AI-supported ordering process we developed for our digital B2B marketplace is designed in such a way that it can also be easily integrated directly into the web presence of electronics manufacturers in the form of a white-label solution. If you as a manufacturer are interested in facilitating communication with your customers and designing your ordering processes in such a way that you receive all data in a structured and precisely versioned form right from the start, then you have come to the right place. We can adapt our solution to your corporate design and make it available to you for your purposes in the shortest possible time. If required, we can also connect it directly to your in-house ERP system.

Our solution in your corporate design

Both the header area, which displays your logo, and the colour scheme of our software solution can be easily and quickly adapted to your corporate design specifications. After just a few clicks, your new digital customer communication platform is ready to go and makes life much easier for both your customers and your own team.

Our AI-powered ordering process

Using artificial intelligence and automation, our entire ordering system is designed to take over work as much as possible.

Direct exchange with your customers

Via our team chat, you can exchange information with your customers on open questions and further details, make subsequent data changes, submit your offers and process orders.


In the left column, your customers can view, reject and accept your offers and access all the data they have entered. If your customer or you yourself make changes or upload new data, then these are automatically versioned.


In the team chat, all participants from your team can directly exchange information and files with all participants from your customers' team. Every data change is well-documented in the chat and everybody is notified via E-Mail.

The advantages at a glance

Facilitated quotation

Through the AI-supported process, you receive your customers' enquiry data as structured as possible. This saves you a lot of time and effort for data post-processing and queries that would otherwise be required when submitting an offer.

Synchronous team knowledge

All data changes are versioned and the entire coordination process between you and your customers is documented. This means that everyone involved is at the same level of knowledge and costly misunderstandings are avoided.

Additional customer service

All data is automatically recognized by our software. Your customers only have to make manual corrections in a few cases. In addition, they are supported by a production wiki to gather information about production processes.